Rasennan Summer

50.3 - Second Spring

Events of the spring of 2722.

Tour of Duty: Carenza manages to land a month’s contract of service in Raggavante. The northern portion of the principality has been having problems with bands of raiders that strike out of the southern swamps and return, and the Ladies-in-Waiting are hired to ambush these raiding bands. The journey gives them practice fighting on wet land and dry, and although a few of her Ladies fall, the company returns with more experience, coin and renown to their names.

Return from the Overworld: Opilio, slightly shaggier, returns from Xedravina’s court in the spring and begins to oversee having the vineynards tilled and planted. He also begins preparations for building a winery. And in addition to these projects, he also teaches some of the farmers who’ll start tending the vineyards some small libational rites to the Lady who’s given the lands such fertility and prosperity: not worship, but thanksgiving and respect.

Mixed Business: Vesper extends her research and political inquiries, but also chooses to set those studies aside and assist her husband with his own ambitions. With his sisters along, the four go treasure-hunting in the northern Maviolo woods, scouting the horrors of Silken Grave and picking off lieutenants of the bandit lord of Despartis.

Showing Off: Opilio takes Ettorio’s wedding as an excuse to leave the estate in the hands of Ambira and Alesci for a few weeks, and do some leisure traveling with Dechera. He arranges for a trip out to Redoris and then to Raspian City; he takes the opportunity to show off that he knows the Princes of these cities, even if it’s only peripherally. He stops off in each court to pay his respects, introduce his wife and otherwise just enjoy their cities and spend a little coin. Prince Olidian proves to be a warmer host than Prince Cortifo, though Dechera isn’t fully sure she trusts either of the silver-tongued gentlemen.

A Wedding: Toward the end of spring, the marriage of Ettorio Iluni and Bessari Rovino is set to take place. The guests begin to arrive to Cinquedea…



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