Rasennan Summer

Epilogue: Vesper Sespech

Vesper returns the cenotic cask to House Sespech, where she’s celebrated for its recovery. In the following months, she watches the scandal at the heart of House Miriadis unfold. Many of the Miriadis’ pyromancer recruits vanish from the would-be Sorcerous House, fleeing the country or going into hiding, and it’s revealed that Rofogarre was secretly a scion of the infernalist House Torccerna. The Miriadis keep several of their holdings, but it becomes clear they need major restructuring if they aren’t to vanish completely, and their dreams of being the sixth Sorcerous House are extinguished. That winter, Vesper also welcomes her new baby sister, and shows as much of her nurturing side as she possesses.

The following year, Kosvach takes Vesper north to Lokva for the summer. She learns much while in the distant north, and the two return with many stories.

Vesper continues to study the cenotic cask. Already well-established as a rising power in House Sespech, she gains even more renown with her “thesis project” — she manifests a vestige of Sespech the Shadowed herself, drawing on a remnant of the House founder. She develops increasing popularity with her colleagues as she continues to distinguish herself.

Despite the political drawbacks of her marriage to a Vargari, Vesper receives ever-increasing internal support, including, eventually, the loyalty of Savaquin Sespech. When House Grandfather Sadavari finally passes on, Vesper is elected the youngest House Grandmother in Sespech history. She still makes time to travel now and again, and if she and Kosvach ride strange darkling roads to call on their friends in Canteria and Cinquedea, they are too polite to call attention to it.



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