Alesci Tyliel

The dashing young Cinquedean Tyliel who has won Ambira's affections.


Alesci is a charming young man (18 as of the summer of 2720) who well represents the courtesy and grace of House Tyliel. He has brown hair and green eyes, and a slightly fairer complexion than the Rasennan norm. He favors grays and browns accented with blues and greens, and wears good clothes without being a thrall to fashion. He has the kind of open smile that could carve its way through a legion of romantic young maids, but is very chivalrous in his dealings with the fairer sex. He is left-handed.


Alesci is the son of Cabo and Pirisina Tyliel, and came to live at Kircinos Manor while still an infant. His mother’s sister is an adept, and was accepted into House Tyliel. According to House custom, her immediate family was offered the opportunity to join House Tyliel, and Alesci’s parents gladly accepted. He has a younger brother, Vilo, who was born after their acceptance into the House.

Having grown up among the Tyliel, Alesci is quite respectful of women both young and old. He slightly fears the witches of the House, including the patroness Viriscia, and has made no efforts to find a Tyliel partner. He is naturally a romantic at heart, and is fond of reading.

Alesci’s dearest friend is Kosvach Vargari, a somewhat older blade from the infamous warrior-House. The two bonded over one of Kosvach’s duels, where Alesci stood as a second for the Vargari when nobody else would. Alesci values Kosvach almost as an older brother, and is somewhat envious of Kosvach’s superior swordmanship and general fearlessness — though not so envious of Kosvach’s stoicism and rigorous upbringing. It is certainly the Vargari’s influence that has made Alesci dedicate himself to becoming a practiced swordsman. He has been training with the Displacer Blade school, and shows some promise.

Alesci felt the urge for one grand adventure before settling into marrying the young Ambira Chapelwood and starting a new life to the Calveran countryside. However, it ended poorly, with both he and Kosvach being captured by the Six Rings organization. Alesci spent time in Morafir captivity, and was nearly replaced by one of their doppelgangers. Though he was rescued and returned safely to Cinquedea, the experience was gravely humbling. He still practices his swordplay in case it should prove necessary in defending his loved ones, but no longer dreams of derring-do for its own sake.

Alesci Tyliel

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