Ambira Chapelwood

Opilio's dutiful but questioning daughter.


Ambira is a young Calveran woman, fifteen or sixteen, with hair like dark amber. She is only a bit taller than her mother, and is deceptively strong for her build.


Ambira’s ambitions have been very simple for years: help her family with their farm, fall in love with a good-hearted man who could help till the land in turn, and perhaps learn a craft of her own. With the grant of Potifol Whiteknees’ land to her father, her entire world has changed. She feared having to marry a wealthy man who does not work with his hands, in order to better support a lifestyle and social position she has had no training for whatsoever.

Her journey to Cinquedea has only further complicated her life. On the positive side, she has become quite taken with Alesci Tyliel, a dashing young man who seems equally interested in her, and her parents seem to greatly approve of the match. But on the other hand, she has become gradually aware that her father and his peculiar companions are involved in great dangers that they attempt to keep from her. Ambira is not quite certain just how things are going to play out.

Ambira had several friends her own age back home, and has gotten along well with Andelac Borsari’s daughters. She has also befriended Vesper Sespech, somewhat to her surprise. At first it seemed that the two of them had little in common besides their gender and age, but Vesper has a degree of practicality and maturity that Ambira greatly empathizes with. She is still rather alarmed by her friend’s necromantic gifts, but Ambira is a brave girl, and disinclined to let something like that ruin a new and valuable friendship.

Ambira Chapelwood

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