Bessari Rovino


Bessari is a tall, well-rounded Rovino woman, about 20, with rich dark hair and an appraising smile. She prefers feminine fashion to the more athletic garb of her cousin Quinta, though is still proud to wear Rovino colors. Her voice is quite gentle, almost surprisingly so when compared to the rest of her House, though when angry she projects more like an opera singer.


If young, bellicose bravos typify House Rovino’s reputation to the outside world, Bessari represents the other, less frequently seen portion of the house — the more sensible half, who act as a mortar for the family and their cadet members. She is a clever and headstrong young woman, though like her brother Rasselo she learned early on that she couldn’t win any head-to-head confrontations with her father. She is particularly subtle for one of her family, though not so subtle that her tryst with Ettorio Iluni went unnoticed. On the other hand, it must be taken into consideration that this revelation spelled the end of her engagement to the somewhat doughy Dorestis Crisandor, and she did not seem shattered by the loss.

Bessari is fairly secure in her social graces, though she’s still rough-edged when compared to an Iluni or Tyliel. She has a streak of Rovino temper that surfaces from time to time when provoked. This temper is accentuated by her accuracy with improvised missiles, and somewhat mitigated by her enthusiasm for passionate reconciliation. Her true gift is with finances, however. She developed a facility for mathematics early on and fell neatly into the position of bookkeeping for the House arms business.

Of late, Bessari has been surprised and delighted to find that Ettorio Iluni has not only not forgotten their tryst, but has begun negotiations with her family to marry her. The romance of the situation is not lost on her, and she finds herself increasingly taken with him. Of course, he can be nonsensical from time to time, and he frequently takes inadvisable risks — but Bessari grew up in a household full of Rovino men. If anything, she expects to be disappointed in a man. If Ettorio disappoints her only from time to time rather than on a regular basis, she could ask for nothing better.

Bessari Rovino

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