Carenza's Ladies

The ten-woman nascent mercenary squad attending to Carenza Vega.


The ten Ladies-in-Waiting that form the core of Carenza’s as-yet-unnamed mercenary band in training are:

Dua, first sergeant: dark-skinned, zealous, fearless
Cattri, scarred, particularly dirty fighter
Fretta, large opera singer-ish build, defiant
Whites, wide-eyed, curious, scout
Rabbit, cheery blonde, scrounger, favors women

Taspa, second sergeant: tall, cold-blooded
Lette, dark-skinned, avaricious, favors women
Jova, somewhat homely, taciturn, axe-fighter trained by Hacker Lil
Squeaker, quiet, holds grudges, scout
Vil, very short hair, opportunistic, night person


Carenza's Ladies

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