A wretched menial of shameful origin.


Carpa is nondescript, or so he would assure anyone who asked. If left to his own devices, he becomes fairly unkempt; if ordered to dress in livery and be well-groomed, he looks only somewhat dubious when placed next to other lackeys. His mannerisms range from cheerfully resigned to miserably dolorous.

Nobody pays much attention to him anyway.


Carpa’s backstory is, he asserts, a tale of constant humiliation and misery, always justly deserved. It is uncertain what his life was like before he took to the greenwood and fell in with the Spotted Cats, though he has variably hinted that it was a disapproving mother, angered landowner or aggrieved wife that drove him to banditry. He asserts that he has never been happier than his service to Ettorio Iluni, which, given his frequently mournful air, has some alarming implications.

Nobody takes his life story seriously anyway.


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