Inyavka Vargari

The Lokvan swordswoman who married into the Cinquedean Vargari.


Inyavka Vargari is a stormy-eyed, dark-haired woman still in excellent fighting trim. She has sharp, handsome features and a lean physique. Her demeanor is commanding, leaning somewhat to the severe; she retains a notable Lokvan accent. She is generally indifferent to wearing Vargari colors, preferring instead simple dark clothing cut for swordplay.


Inyavka is a proud daughter of Lokva, the Northern Dragon. As her husband tells it, she first reached down from the saddle to cut a man’s head from his body when she was no older than fourteen. She served as an outrider attached to the army with distinction for several years; she could have perhaps made a fine officer, if not for a sense of pride that prevented her from readily taking orders.

She fell in love with Rodivar Vargari during his time spent campaigning in Lokva, and eventually agreed to marry him. No surer proof of her devotion could be found than her acquiescence to return with him to Cinquedea and bear him three children away from her homeland. She has returned to Lokva for a time, however; she took Tarvana and Kosvach on campaign there for several years, and may do the same when Iliska is of appropriate age.

Inyavka is a dangerous woman even by Cinquedean standards. She cares little for politics, but is viciously protective of her immediate family, and has a gift for making other society matrons fear for their safety. Her protective instincts do not extend toward coddling her children, however. She has raised each one to fiercely exacting standards. As she sees things, it’s best for them that they become the kind of people that can fairly earn her respect.

Inyavka Vargari

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