Kosvach Vargari

The dangerous young Vargari warrior with a penchant for deadly trouble.


Kosvach Vargari is an athletic, intense young man of mixed Rasennan and Lokvan blood. He has thick, somewhat shaggy black hair, pale blue eyes and an agile but powerful build. He prefers durable swordsman’s clothing in grays and browns. He wears his House pin openly, as well as an elaborate bracer on his left forearm worked to resemble a wolf’s head. His weapon of choice is a Lokvan cavalry saber. Kosvach speaks with hints of a Lokvan accent, learned from his mother and strengthened by a few years spent abroad in the land of the Northern Dragon.


Kosvach is the son of Rodivar Vargari, a mercenary who was just leaving childhood when House Vargari helped overthrow the Toccerna and were restored (or elevated, depending on who you ask) to Great House status. Rodivar spent several years of his youth on campaign in Lokva, and when the time came to marry, he brought back the warrior-woman Inyavka as his wife. Their three children — the eldest daughter Tarvana, Kosvach, and the youngest daughter Iliska — were all raised with a warrior discipline derived both from Vargari tradition and from Inyavka’s own.

Kosvach is proud to be Vargari, and the attitude has gotten him in trouble many times in Cinquedea. He has slain four men in duels — none of them duels he provoked, but he firmly believes that the best way to defend his family is to demonstrate to outsiders that they do not want to make an enemy of the Vargari. His unconventional weapons make him difficult to read in a duel, trained as he is to fight in far more chaotic and unfair battles than a one-on-one engagement. He knows the swordmasters of many of Cinquedea’s schools, but is not a dedicated student to any of them.

There are few in Cinquedea the Vargari call friend, but Alesci Tyliel is virtually a brother to Kosvach. Alesci’s good humor and cheerful chivalry are an odd match for Kosvach’s taciturn stoicism and ruthless streak, yet the young Tyliel seems to bring out the best in him. Where before he was rarely seen at social events — and was never presented at a processional feast — now Kosvach is prone to spend more time at taverns, opera houses or festivals alongside his friend. He has watched Alesci’s unfolding interest in Ambira Chapelwood with some bittersweet amusement. When his friend leaves Cinquedea to marry, Kosvach will have one fewer civilizing influence at hand, and it remains to be seen if any other will take Alesci’s place.

Kosvach Vargari

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