Ludovir Vycalaca

The cruel, arrogant vampire rakehell with vicious ambitions.


To the outside world, Ludovir Zarocci seems quite the prospect. He handsome in a sharp-featured, fair-complected way, and he smiles often, even if his smile sometimes seems a bit twisted. He has a taste for fine clothing, as befits an heir of a profitable jewel trader, and likes to wear a classical cut that, if not quite the most recent fashion, is never out of style. And if he avoids going out on sunny days, it can be forgiven; after all, he does have a reputation as the sort of rake who enjoys late nights. Some level of morning-after discomfort is to be expected.

When angered, though, the true Vycalaca blood reveals itself. His skin becomes pale, and his veins show through with a blackish, polluted red. He is much faster and stronger than he seems, and he seems athletic enough already.


Ludovir Vycalaca, along with his sister Lestrata, has left Lamosca to move around Rasenna under a pseudonym. The reason for their infiltration is not yet widely understood. What is known, at least to certain well-connected persons, is that the last true Zarocci scion died many years ago. The Vycalacas have apparently kept up the reputation of this Veranni family as a cover for their own activities.

Though Ludovir’s long-term goals are unknown, he is certainly prone to retaliation against any slights against his pride.

Ludovir Vycalaca

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