Prince Bellostia

The massive and covetous Prince of Invicci.


The Prince of Invicci is a memorable woman. Nearly six feet tall and built like a well-fed opera singer, dressed in layers of lavish fashion, Prince Bellostia dominates the room in almost any situation. She normally speaks softly, with an affected purr of gentility depending on who she addresses, but when angry becomes absolutely stentorian.

Bellostia is a somewhat controversial figure even to her own people. Some praise her ambitions, believing that they’ll lead her to earning Invicci the glory it deserves. Others worry that her hot temper and desire to outdo her rivals may lead her into rash decisions that imperil the principality.


Bellostia was a daughter of the Dancredi Great House before she arose to the position of Prince, and renounced her ties to her House in accordance with Rasennan law. She was ambitious even as a young woman, and played the game of politics like a hungry tiger. She has been in power for over a decade — part of the reason, no doubt, that she so furiously resents the younger Prince Alviarra, who seems to hold more influence than she does despite having been in office for a little over half as long.

Bellostia keeps her immediate family well-removed from politics; her husband is rarely seen, and her three children vie to be permitted a greater place at court so that one of them might perhaps succeed her someday. She relies on a rather exotic bodyguard: a small squad of lizardmen from Raggavante, whose alien and seemingly passionless nature makes them theoretically immune to corruption. Other notables in her court are the catlike Captain Velistir, her majordomo Orenti, and her advisor on arcane matters, the pyromancer Grollofieri.

Prince Bellostia

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