Prince Gorsino

The warlike, leonine Prince of Brassado.


Gorsino is a dominating presence in any room he enters. He stands over six feet tall, and has a striking reddish-blond mane of hair and thick beard. A veteran of many battles and even more one-on-one conflicts, he has a dense, slablike physique and a collection of scars. He is always armored to some degree; he wears a breastplate, gorget, vambraces and greaves at most points, and for more formal events he wears an elaborate suit of plate armor covered with wild beast motifs. He is a master of many weapons, from the simple shortsword and buckler he’s used in many duels to the greatsword he carries into battle. He speaks surprisingly softly when his temper is rising.


Prince Gorsino claims that his right to his seat is rooted in his bloodline. He counts many “war heroes” among his ancestors, warriors and commanders who distinguished themselves in the civil wars that have crossed Brassado. He can even trace his lineage to multiple princes who have ruled Brassado.

However, Gorsino is Prince of Brassado thanks to sheer force. He went to war against his predecessor, Prince Calisard, on the claim that Calisard’s rule had moved too far into suppression of the populace. He rallied enough troops behind him to even the playing field, and bested Calisard easily in single combat. With a good portion of Brassado’s citizens supporting his claim, the other princes acknowledged him as one of their own.

Gorsino’s claims of illustrious ancestry seem to be true; certainly he has the temper and warlike nature that made Brassado’s greatest warriors infamous. He has a strong rivalry with Prince Sescara of Duatine, as expected of a Brassadon prince. Unfortunately, he is one of the less intrigue-savvy of the various Rasennan princes, and is well aware of the fact. Prince Gorsino has a penchant to see conspiracies all around him, which makes him dangerous to deal with. He runs his court like a military organization, and his family in much the same way. Few things irritate him more than a perceived challenge to his authority.

Prince Gorsino

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