Prince Olidian

The easy-going and enigmatic Prince of Raggavante.


Prince Olidian is, many say, more emblematic of Raggavante than he is of the office of prince. He is a slender gentleman in his late 30s, and even after seven years of prosperity he is still showing some weather-beaten traces of a life spent with more cold meals than hot and few nights within four solid walls and a sturdy roof. He smiles easily, and carries himself with a certain urban charm.


Some princes gained the means to claim their position through vicious politics, others through the support of their families, still others through feats of valor. Prince Olidian allegedly gained his resources through luck. The Prince of Raggavante apparently rose from the streets into fabulous wealth almost overnight. He was one of the few fortune hunters to actually complete the hunt — in 2715, he emerged from the wild parts of the province with a small group of lizardman guards escorting him and a remarkable cargo of wealth. He claims that it was discovered almost without conflict in a swamp-flooded ruin (though he never specified which one), left there by long-dead ancients or by successful thieves.

Shortly thereafter, Olidian won the yearly Highsun lottery to serve as Governor of Redoris. His rivals spent quite a bit of gold investigating the lottery, but could find no signs of tampering. He acted as a rather populist governor, making several shrewd tax changes that earned him a great many friends and a number of enemies. When Prince Idrian choked to death on a stewed eel the next year, the former Governor was raised to the post of Prince amid another storm of controversy.

The Prince’s court is an odd mix of individuals, many of whom are not native to Redoris. His champion Taza is a Paelite knight, and an exile by rumor; his vizier and arcane advisor Sequava is an aloof lizardman with peculiar skills in divination. His seneschal Bress is also Paelite by birth — she is constantly busy with organizing the challenges often overlooked by Olidian’s off-handed rule. Two people without firm tasks in the court either have the Prince’s ear, or seek it — his lover, the courtesan Piretta DiFlamme, and the Taltikkan priest Rozodor, who seems to have an interest in the Olidian’s famed luck.

To this day, the Prince remains a very polarizing individual. Much of the populace points to Prince Olidian “the Lucky” as one of their own, a true son of Raggavante who is clearly blessed by Taltikka. Many others despise him, cursing his populist decisions as unhealthy for the flow of wealth, and certain that he is the head of some sort of conspiracy. His luck cannot account for all of his successes — and even if it could, it has to run out soon.

Prince Olidian

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