Prince Temagli

The calculating Prince of Calvera.


In Rasenna, it’s said that a successful prince must rely on the goodwill of either the populace or the Houses. Prince Temagli seems to favor the goodwill of the populace, though he’s a careful enough politician to keep the Houses of Calvera more or less mollified.

Temagli is a calm and patient man, somewhere in his sixties. He has a somewhat disarming manner, and has cultivated a reputation as a prince who understands the needs of the rustic population. He is not quite an inspiring prince — his reign has been largely marked by peaceable prosperity rather than glory and danger. He seems to prefer it that way.


Prince Temagli comes from wealth, but not from one of the Great Houses. His family has held land in northern Calvera for generations, and has bred several fine bloodlines of warhorse material, including a stock of the rare flesh-eating markans. When the previous, much-despised Prince Golosse was deposed and revealed as an infernalist, the population demanded a prince of more “trustworthy” origins. With the backing of respected military men who trusted his family, Temagli was able to ride a wave of support into the princedom. His period in power has been uneventful, which colors others’ views of him as prince: some say timid, others pragmatic.

Today, Temagli relies on several aides to assist him, both for purposes of publicity and for influence among the upper classes. His principal military advisor is Dorimo Furare, called “the Fury,” a savvy veteran of clashes on the Lamoscan border who is much-admired by the populace. His advisor on matters metaphysical is the scholar Salveria Dusk, who is said to have studied the more esoteric arts at the House Tyliel estate, and is well-regarded by the local Houses in power. Finally, his trusted bodyguard Crucerio is a many-times champion of the Canterian games, and another favorite of the common folk.

Prince Temagli

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