Rodivar Vargari

Swordsman and traveler of the Cinquedean Vargari.


Rodivar Vargari is a middle-aged man, going a bit to gray but still in excellent condition. He wears his dark hair slightly above the collar, and affects a neatly trimmed beard. Most notably, he has the presence and voice of a commander born. Though usually soft-spoken, he has avoided multiple duels in Cinquedea simply by looking his opponent in the eye and raising his voice to ask if the situation really merits violence.


Rodivar was born Vargari, the child of several generations of mercenary warriors. He grew up on the campaign trail, and was still a youth when the Vargari exposed the diabolism at the heart of House Torccerna and were granted the status of Great House once more. It took him several years to be ready to settle down. He spent some of that time campaigning in Lokva, where he met and married one of the most intimidating women he’s ever known.

Enough time has passed that Rodivar is now sufficiently content without going to war. He sees to House business, spends time training the next generation of Vargari, and coordinates a few trade activities. He participated in both “family campaigns” in Lokva and would travel again, but mostly the urge for adventure is not as strong in him any more, at least when compared to his wife.

Rodivar is something of a hands-off father. That is to say, he loves his children, but does nothing to shield them from the demanding rigors of Inyavka’s discipline. He leaves it to her to set the pace, and raises his voice only when need be. As Tarvana and Kosvach seem to have turned out well, and Iliska is showing tremendous promise, he believes his strategy was the correct one.

Rodivar Vargari

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