The enigmatic man who has stirred up so much trouble in rural Calvera.


Little was known of Salzar during his time spent as an instigator in Calvera. He was mostly known by second-hand description. He was the principal agent in contracting the Spotted Cats to prey mostly on Borsari’s lands and friends; he also gave the Cats a dose of wyvern venom and paid them to murder Secordis Ossomont and steal his corpse, for reasons that are as yet unclear. He bribed the Scarhawks to look the other way in their duty of bandit-hunting, and even pacted with Kallikantos to terrorize targets by night. While at first he seemed to be an agent of Potifol Whiteknees, it became more evident that he acted for the Blackharvest Chapel on Whiteknees’ land.

Salzar was a lean, dangerous-looking man who dressed in dark colors. His hair was black on one side and white on the other, and he smelled faintly of rotten fruit. He demonstrated the ability to sew the stolen shadows of his victims to his own, and to release them to defend him.


Among the trappings on Salzar’s person was a wedding ring, inscribed on the inside with “To My Dear Tocaro.” This and his motivation to slay Secordis Osomont were the basis of Vesper’s investigation into his former life.

She discovered that Secordis and Ramilante spent some time as adventurers together, and among their deeds was a struggle in Cinquedea against a diabolist formerly of House Bascho. This diabolist, Taribolto, employed as his bodyguard one Tocaro Graystreet, who was slain in defense of his master.

Tocaro Graystreet was a married man; his young wife was expecting their first child at the time of his death. A week after his death, she was found strangled in their home. There were no signs of forced entry or missing valuables (what few she had). It is in accordance with what Vesper knows of the undead that they can fixate violently on what they formerly loved: her suspicion is that the revenant Tocaro-turned-Salzar killed his wife “to spare her hardship,” or from some other warped reason.

Nothing is known of where Salzar learned how to steal shadows, though the Red Tithe assassin that attacked House Vargari showed a similar ability. It is possible the person that instructed them both is in Cinquedea.


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