Tarvana Vargari

The sardonic, troublemaking eldest sister of the Lokvan-blood Vargari.


Tarvana Vargari is a battle-hardened young woman of mixed Rasenna and Lokvan blood. She wears her black hair a little below the ears, and has rich blue eyes and a somewhat crooked smile. She has an agile, athletic build and projects a casual air of indifferent confidence. Her voice is clear, rich and commanding, with faint traces of a Lokvan accent that tend to come more to the fore when she’s particularly angry (and channeling the spirit of her mother) or attempting to attract romantic attention. She is prone to wear accents of bright red to set off her armor or leathers, but doesn’t wear her House pin save for formal occasions or when she’s attempting to provoke a reaction. Her weapons of choice are a pair of Lokvan cavalry sabers, a difficult style that she excels at all the same.


Tarvana is the first-born child of Rodivar and Inyavka Vargari, and the one who takes most after her father. She learned military tactics, athletic discipline and swordmanship from an young age. What’s more, it became apparent early on that she had inherited a measure of her father’s commanding voice. As a result of her position as eldest and natural gift for leadership, Tarvana has a tendency to assume she’s in control of any given situation. Thankfully, her temper is fairly relaxed, so she doesn’t feel compelled to answer challenges to her authority with violence… at least not every time.

Tarvana is more adventurer than mercenary. She favors small-unit tactics, and is fond of the glory that comes from small and extremely capable bands achieving great things. Though she can appear callous, she has a strong distaste for the atrocities of war. She has turned on a prospective employer before when she learned the true ramifications of her job. As a result, some in the martial world respect her as a woman of principle, while others revile her as a savage beast, just another of the treacherous Vargari “werewolves.”

Most people get the impression that Tarvana takes life less than seriously. She enjoys carousing, she has no qualms about instigating trouble, she harasses her younger siblings almost as though she didn’t respect their family bonds, and she responds to most shows of authority with a crooked smirk. She’s made no secret of the fact that she’s unlikely to marry and carry on the Vargari bloodline out of filial duty — she openly prefers the company of women, with a particular taste for gentle young commoners with soft curves and admiring eyes. But as with others of her family, her loyalty is unyielding as iron to those of her blood, and those who’ve managed to earn her respect.

(Illustration from Coelasquid’s Manly Men Doing Manly Things comic.)

Tarvana Vargari

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