Vestiri Iluni

Ettorio's cousin, gallant rake and despair of his mother.


Vestiri of Raspian was blessed with an generous helping of Iluni charm, balanced by not quite his share of Iluni subtlety. His elven blood isn’t particularly evident in his physical features, but he tailors his mannerisms to fit the House idea of Ialfir elegance.

He has a taste for being seen and being talked about, or at least pretends as much. A dedicated traveler, Vestiri usually dallies in any city long enough to ferret out a few scandals and indulge in one or two of his own. Most mistake him for a witless hedonist, but those in his immediate family know him better than that; granted, he is a hedonist, but he keeps wits of very sharp steel sheathed in a harmless-seeming velvet facade.


Vestiri is the son of a wide-ranging merchant who was rarely at home and the socially conscious Iluni who brought said merchant and his wealth into the House. He asserts that he gained his taste for travel from his father, and publicly speaks as though he admires his father’s adventurous spirit far more than he admires his mother’s insistence on decorum. In truth, Vestiri has little affection for his usually absent father; he simply pretends to such filial piety for the sake of his mother’s reputation, albeit via some roundabout reasoning. Even if Vestiri cares little if his father returns home or is sent to the bottom of the Saanwater by Scarpedran corsairs, he feels that it’s for the best that the family believes his mother married a man who’s valuable for more than his coffers.

Despite his wit and ability, Vestiri is not an Iluni with great prospects within the House. He has been utterly forthright about his exclusive sexual and romantic preference for men, and it’s clear he has no interest in marrying well and producing children for the benefit of House Iluni. His mother despairs for the future of her oldest child, and has begun placing somewhat unreasonable expectations on Vestiri’s younger sister Ciandieli.

Vestiri Iluni

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