Carnevar's Collar

A braided torc of iron and adamantine, adorned with two wolf heads that face one another.


[Carnevar’s Collar is at present +2 neck-slot item, granting bonuses to Fortitude, Reflex and Will. It sharpens the wearer’s senses slightly, giving an equal bonus to Perception checks. It also offers a measure of protection against the deadliest blows: the wearer gains resist 10 all versus critical hits.]


The Wolf-Brothers were a famed company of soldiers several centuries ago, hired blades from Cynelorn who won their fortune in Rasenna. Their leader Carnevar led them to triumphs in several wars between Rasennan nobles, and even into the Plains of Minon. Like many heroes, he eventually fell in battle — but they say he died atop a mound of slain foes so large it was as though he’d built his own cairn.

Carnevar commissioned a number of torcs from the temples of Goreador. These were forged for the inner circle of his band, each fashioned of iron and marked with the heads of wolves. His own “collar” was crafted with adamantine as well as iron, and enspelled to protect its wearer so long as his heart was true.

Carnevar's Collar

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