Tourbelleaux's Toilette

A portable actor's dressing table with a vile & nefarious past...


The link provided is inspirational and Tourbelleaux himself, the infernal engineer that he was, would likely consider it more like a child’s toy or very rough first proof for the device that would become his magnum opus.


Appearing as a cross between an apothecary cabinet and an actor’s dressing table this item’s multitude of drawers contain powders, compounds, prosthetics, & the secrets of rituals to transform one’s appearance or perhaps alter one’s form altogether. Sadly, few mortals have maintained their sanity long enough to learn more than one or two of the Toilette’s true rituals of power. Many of it’s mundane seeming contents when improperly applied or mixed can have a massively psychotropic and magically hallucinatory effect on the users mind resulting in many instances in fatality.No documentation exists defining the cabinet’s precise abilities forcing those into whose possession it falls into a malicious game of trial and error. Conveniently, the Toilette can be safely compartmentalized and folded in on itself for transport in a rectangular shape roughly the size and mass of an extremely large country pig.

Tourbelleaux's Toilette

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