Rasennan Summer

Epilogue: Rugo Cuscala

The burly mercenary appears both inside and outside Rasennan borders for a time, eluding some of his pursuers and gathering allies and information. Reports drift back of him scuffling with Pulsciri muscle and Avicca diplomats, and of bloodier conflicts with corsairs and their kind. For a year, he’s rumored to be dead.

Eventually, after Rasselo rises to power within House Rovino, Rugo resurfaces. The mercenary marine uses his connections with Carenza, a formal and honorable duel with Calibar Rovino, and several coffers of mysteriously gained gold to settle his affairs with House Rovino. In return, the House formally surrenders all previous grievances with him. Rugo semi-retires to a comfortable upper-class lifestyle, keeping his hand in by acting as naval advisor to Prince Cortifo. With Rugo’s guidance, the Rasennan fleets are able to hand Scarpedran corsairs a number of embarrassing defeats. The dashing widower remains a minor celebrity among the Rasennan ports of call, although none of the ladies who vie for his favor ever match his beloved Elisibetha Rovino.



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