Rasennan Summer

Epilogue: The Supporting Cast

Vestiri continues to gad about Rasenna and sometimes even beyond, enjoying himself and keeping an eye on almost everything. His mother finally surrenders any hope of him marrying and producing children for the sake of the Iluni. Prince Cortifo offers him the post of spymaster, but Vestiri declines, as it would cut down on his ability to travel. Eventually he amuses himself by writing plays of exquisite wit, and at least one opera of lukewarm repute.

Prince Gorsino has no choice but to execute Rofogarre Miriadis and his own son. He unravels bit by bit over the following years, and ultimately perishes in a duel with Prince Sescara’s champion. The populace of Garganta moves to elect Spardis Ironskin, former arena master, as their new prince. They become a bit more superstitious about infernal affairs, and develop a new festival based on the Morning of Darkness.

Kosvach remains with Vesper even as she rises through the Sespech ranks. He wanders away from the Estate to spend time with his family whenever her research or administrative duties grow too oppressive for his wolf’s blood, but always returns to her — or welcomes her when she slips away herself. He achieves no particular rank in House Vargari or in other institutions, but his becomes well-known throughout Maviolo as an honorable if frightening blade who is not to be crossed. Eventually he agrees to take some of his devotees as pupils, training them in the hours where Vesper is consumed with Sespech business. Only a scant few demonstrate the strength and quickness necessary to succeed at his singular brawling style.

Tarvana Vargari enjoys another few years of irresponsible behavior before a campaign gone sour leaves her severely wounded by a minotaur axe. She recovers from the blow, but returns more sober and aware of her mortality. She gives up her habit of debauching admiring young things, and enters into a long-term relationship with someone actually her peer.

Iliska Vargari claims to receive a vision, and vanishes for a year. She returns an initiate into the Wild Faith of Alvoran, more wolf than ever before. The woods surrounding Lucovol Villa become her particular charge. She eventually marries a ranger of comparable loyalty and ferocity, worthy enough to be called Vargari. Iliska’s child is the only one born to the three siblings, and Tarvana and Kosvach do their share as aunt and uncle to “toughen the cub up.”

When the Ladies-in-Waiting’s wait is fulfilled, and the queen who left them returns, Carenza’s particular band decides to strike out on their own. Captain Dua takes over the Firebird company once Carenza retires from the mercenary life, and sees modest success in various peacekeeping overtures.

Rabbit uses her cut of a singularly profitable prize to open a curio shop. She has particular success with oddments that are more than they seem, especially those that can be used for practical jokes.

Ambira and Alesci enjoy a year or two of romantic young love until the birth of their daughter. They have two children before she forces him to go to Canteria to have an operation. Ambira proves a passionate and kindly landowner, and Alesci becomes renowned among the locals for his fantastic tales of adventure in other lands.

Lestrata Vycalaca cannot leave well enough alone. Already half-mad, she succumbs to her desire to avenge her “brother” and “father” and attempts to kill everyone involved. Unable to find “Marcasso,” she searches farther afield. She eventually achieves suicide by Sespech.

Under Carenza’s guidance, Rasselo Rovino eventually rises to the position of House Grandfather. He does his level best to tamp down on the House’s penchant for macho idiocy, and is instrumental in helping them achieve a bit more sophistication and diplomacy. Like everything else challenging in his life, his eventual marriage is something pressed on him by others. He calls it “a bother I never asked for,” but he and his wife are privately happy all the same.

Bravadi Rovino is never heard from again. Rumors hint that he was spared execution and instead sent away to the terrifying penal colony of Togenshar.

The Borsari family enjoys a peaceful time of prosperity, and make excellent neighbors for the Chapelwoods. When Opilio vanishes, the ever-merry Andelac becomes prone to melancholy, and he and his wife finally retire from running the holdings. Their oldest daughter Ivella takes over, and is a competent counterpart to her best friend Ambira. Ivella never quite outgrows her taste for dashing swashbucklers. Alesci introduces her to an adventurous young Tyliel blade with no real House prospects, and the two quickly marry.

Brosetta Vargari rampages up and down the eastern principalities, her reputation growing with every scar. She continues to live large, squeezing everything she can out of life with an iron grip. She always comes home for Evernight in Ladona.

Erigo and Kalbak eventually earn their badges, and are inducted into House Vargari. Erigo becomes a Ladonan mainstay, one of the House’s more personable public faces, while Kalbak settles into the more remote post of Lucovol Villa.

Catafarza’s Prismatic Players eventually settle in Raspian for a long engagement, and found a successful theater of their own. The plots of some of their popular works would seem particularly familiar to Vesper, Ettorio, Carenza, Opilio, and Vittorio. The identity of the patron who feeds them information is a secret Catafarza takes to the grave.

Carpa endures.



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