The principality of Brassado sits in the northwest of Rasenna, largely between the Saan River and its tributary the Masseria. Much of the province is rolling hills, with good farmland and grazing land. It would be a true breadbasket of the nation if not for the scars left by the wars that have rolled across the principality too often. Portions of Brassado are still fire-seared and blasted, a reminder of the region’s history.

Outsiders paint the Brassadons as belligerent and volatile, prone to resort to violence at the slightest provocation. The stereotype has some foundation; there are many old grudges in Brassado, and a cultural penchant for settling debts openly and physically instead of with subtle cunning. Since its founding, the principality has expanded beyond the Masseria to east and south thanks to successful wars against Carcador and Raspian, and that tends to lend the Brassadons an extra measure of pride in their martial triumphs. Of course, many still feel the hurts suffered from unsuccessful wars, but when enough time has passed to heal the scars, the civic sense of martial pride tends to rear its head again. The principality is dotted with various memorials of war, from arches and pillars raised as monuments to successful generals to statues of those who died honorably.

Brassado sees more than its share of internal strife. The principality’s law is considerably more lax where vendettas are concerned, leading to open warfare in some cases. It usually takes an external threat, such as an incursion or border massing from the Widdermarches or Beasthaunts, to unite the Brassadons into fighting someone besides each other. More than one civil war has broken out as the result of a Brassadon Prince’s desire to reduce internal bloodshed and expand borders at the same time.

The capital of Brassado is Garganta, a hulking city almost more fortress than metropolis. The central citadel of Garganta was built by giants many centuries ago; although it has since added many interior works to suit its smaller human residents, it is still a massive edifice with more open space than its inhabitants can effectively use. Its well-fortified palace is the traditional seat of the prince. Currently that seat is held by Gorsino, a massive leonine man whose bloodline boasts many warlords and several previous princes. Prince Gorsino has won his own share of glory in rising to the throne, and he participates in brutal games regularly in order to keep that glory from fading.


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