Canteria is a sprawling city, sun-drenched for most of the year. Like many Rasennan cities, it was built over an old Dysian ruin, with many of its buildings composed of scavenged stone from the disassembled buildings of the ancient empire. The most notable surviving landmark of Dysian make is an old arena, itself mostly buried by the years, that stands a small distance outside Canteria’s walls. The open layout of the city provides plenty of room for plazas and squares that can host physical competitions during the festivals that Canterians thrive upon.


Canteria pays the usual amount of deference to the Higher Nine and the Centered Nine. The Temple of the Land’s Blessing is a sizable edifice outside the city wall, focusing on the worship of Chaneth and Alvoran. Within the city, the Tower Victorious promotes the faiths of Goreador, Lierce (particularly in her strength aspect), Valysa and Evrel. A smattering of shrines see to the remaining gods. Those who wish to prudently draw away the attention of the Lower Nine may leave offerings at the Open Gate, a temple housing shrines to the darker gods of the world.

Notable Inns and Taverns

The Drunken Lioness, a tavern home to many games of chance, betting on competitions such as arm-wrestling (or full-body wrestling), boasting contests and other displays of bravado.

The Blue Stallion, a favorite among locals.

The Giant’s Hammer, a tavern and inn off Champion’s Plaza that draws heavy custom from military sorts: mercenaries, blades-for-hire, some off-duty soldiers and the like. One of the best places in Canteria for keeping up on the gossip of skirmishes around the nation and beyond.

The Fallen Star, a quiet establishment near the Sespech tower, a favorite of contemplative sorts wishing to avoid the rowdier taverns.

The Golden Ram, a classic rustic Calveran establishment.

The Orange Grove, the most famous establishment with “hired company” in Canteria.


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