Catafarza's Prismatic Company

Catafarza’s Prismatic Company, or the Prismatic Players, is one of the more successful troupes of traveling players roaming the Rasennan countryside. They are notable for their brilliant costuming, a knack for striking special effects, and an entirely adequate amount of talent. While the Prismatic Players have yet to achieve the patronage that would allow them to maintain a theater of their own, they remain optimistic of their chances.

Apart from the troupe’s usual mix of understudies, extras, stagehands and children (some of whom are all four at once), its primary players are:

  • Donaria, the Matriarch — Head of the troupe, and the preeminent playwright.
  • Borstavus, the Patriarch — Catafarza’s husband. Sees to the troupe’s day-to-day details.
  • Larenz, the Swain — Dashing but afraid of violence.
  • Sistella, the Maiden — Craves stardom, but has been told many tales of misused young women.
  • Javerdi, the Dastard — Plays up reputation as ladykiller, does not prefer ladies.
  • Pilo, the Zany — Gregarious; the troupe’s primary advance herald.
  • Ruserra, the Zany — Charming and soft-spoken; excellent character mimic.
  • Basa, a Halfling — A halfling. Male.
  • Decinti, a Halfling — A halfling. Female.
  • Kaggarest, the Greybeard — Has dozens of conflicting stories about his past.
  • Cirulli, the Old Woman — Herbalist; orders around whoever’s cooking.

Like other traveling troupes, the Prismatic Players have at their disposal a mix of established plays of good repute and their own “original creations,” which are usually vigorously reworked adaptations and graftings of other works. Some of their signature works include:

  • “The Siege of the Stocking”, a farcical rustic comedy.
  • “Brassoldi the Gaoler”, a tragedy.
  • “Prince Radivaldi”, a heavily altered answer to Mastrioso’s original history.
  • “The Alchemist’s Daughter”, a comedy that has unfortunately given the Prismatic Players a less than sterling reputation among the Bascho.

Catafarza's Prismatic Company

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