Along the northern border of Rasenna lies Duatine, along the gap where the Saan river cuts through the surrounding hills and winds its way out to the great bay. The province is hilly to east and west, rising into mountainous in the east in particular. Many fortresses dot the province, a legacy of almost ceaseless conflict. Two in particular stand watch over the northern gap, the twins for which the principality is named.

The many conflicts over the years have shaped the principality’s character. The Duati are a hardened folk, well-practiced in the art of vendetta. Many of the wars fought here have been civil wars with the neighboring principality of Brassado, and the Duati hold plenty of resentment for their neighbors. Other battles have been fought to the north, where renegade would-be nobles have assembled troops in Cynelorn and then attempted to bring them south. The ability to fight is highly prized in Duatine, and militia service and training are compulsory in almost every settlement. The principality is a haven for mercenaries, who assemble here for campaigns to the north or, sometimes, in anticipation of perhaps another civil war.

Duatine has faced dangers from without as well as within — invasions from other provinces in civil war, raiders and exiles from Cynelorn and the Beasthaunts, even raiders from far Serugeth. In times of peace, though, it still endures hazards from within. Mercenaries with no employment turn quickly to banditry, and a few cults to the Lower Nine foment strife among the populace. Towers shattered in old wars and never rebuilt sometimes house outlaws and criminals, and sometimes the restless dead.

The pragmatic and cold Prince Sescara makes her home in the high-walled capital of Taurona. Many of the buildings in Taurona have been demolished and rebuilt a dozen times, but with dogged determination. The city’s outer walls are a masterpiece of engineering, having been shored up to true architectural marvels over many centuries — it’s common practice for a Duatine prince who has become flush with coin to invest some of it in the city’s defenses.


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