Elaborate Lie Spoils


3 crates dreamtar narcotic
6 crates alchemist’s fire (10 vials each)
1 crate vitriolic fire (10 vials)

Crew’s Effects

  • Roughly 250 g in personal coin
  • 2000 g in trade bars and currency in a ship’s chest
  • Masterwork Morafir saber
  • Masterwork Morafir repeating crossbow
  • Five Morafir sabers
  • Eight assorted Morafir shortblades
  • Four Morafir repeaters
  • A pair of supple dark leather boots with sharkskin soles, enchanted (wearer ignores difficult terrain due to slippery conditions, +3 item bonus to Acrobatics checks made to keep balance, wearer can walk on sand without sinking in)
  • 4 suits light mail
  • 2 suits leather
  • 6 doses healing unguents (applied during a short rest, a dose adds +3 hp to the value of any healing surges a character spends during that short rest)
  • 5 doses antivenom (use as potion; provides 5 poison resistance for the encounter)
  • 6 smoke bombs (minor action; causes obscurement in close burst 1 until end/next turn)
  • Compass
  • Astrolabe of red-stained brass
  • Spyglass of red-stained brass trimmed with black chitin
  • Dark metal ru’ula (small lyre tuned to minor key)
  • Reddish-stained turunin (stringed instrument, relative of the violin, tuned to minor key) with bow and carrying case
  • 1 handkegs fthash (spiced brandy)
  • 400 g worth of various alchemical components
  • 2 potions of healing
  • Bottled mandrake homunculus (can be commanded to read texts aloud, has some capacity for translation)
  • Spidersilk bedding
  • Disturbing mandala wall-hanging with a baleful eye central pattern
  • Charts of the Saanwater and Jadesea
  • Captain’s log, encrypted
  • Lengthy Morafir novel, Chains of Discontent (generational saga involving feuding houses)
  • Fist-sized Morafir icon worked in enameled steel, depicting a blood-colored scarab beetle
  • Jade Toquan idol, six inches tall, depicting mosquito-demon/god

Elaborate Lie Spoils

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