Stretching along the southeastern portion of Rasenna, the principality of Forspada is characterized by a rolling coast and gentle hills. Much of its land has been logged to feed the thriving shipbuilding industry, enough that a number of adherents to the Brouckan faith have drawn up lines around its remaining old-growth forests. The coast supports plenty of trade, and the fertile land adds to the province’s prosperity.

Forspadans demonstrate a certain level of confidence and pride; the local townships and cities are rather wealthy thanks to hard work and clever trade. At the same time, Forspada lacks the mineral wealth of principalities like Verann and the central trade advantage of Raspian. Rich but not quite the richest, the Forspadan wealthy generally occupy the middle tier of high society, just above “new money” but not quite trendsetting. The upper classes of Forspada are discovering decadence, and deciding they like it. The rest of the Forspadans, those who do the largest share of the work, retain a strong work ethic and level of discipline. The class conflict is inevitable. Further complicating matters is the presence of House Dusaam; the Sorcerous House holds its estate on a small port near the eastern border, and cannot help but influence politics by its very presence.

Forspada’s prosperity of course draws dangers to it, like sharks to blood. The coast is not entirely safe; even without the risk of Scarpedran corsairs, some small bands of pirates and brigands operate out of hidden coves. A few old stone sea-fortresses stand out in the Saanwater, making tempting lairs for pirates or worse; mercenary marines scour them of new dangers now and again, but they are too inconvenient for the Forspadan government to hold permanently, and too attractive to stand empty forever. Organized crime is thick in the principality, extending even to “protection” gangs and corrupt mercenaries in the interior.

The fortified port city of Spardis is the seat of Prince Alviarra, a beautiful woman not yet at middle age. Prince Alviarra has a reputation as a sensualist, often throwing lavish fetes for the Forspadan elite. She highly values the principality’s hired fighters, and notably has some of the best warriors in Rasenna vying for the position of her consort. Despite her reputation for vanity and decadence, the Prince has demonstrated enough political savvy to hold her position for years; most notably, she seems to have a close alliance with Prince Cortifo of Raspian.


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