House Bascho

House Bascho is notable for its interest in matters of the material world. The members of this house focus their efforts on the schools of noble alchemy and divination, all the better to unravel the “way of matter.” The Magister Bascho was a scientist and scholar in many mundane fields as well as the arts of noble alchemy and divination. According to his creed, the greatest use of the Art was to gain further knowledge of the sky above one’s head and the world beneath one’s feet. To this day, the magi of Bascho are pioneers of alchemy, astrology and other sciences, though their interest in their fellow people is regrettably somewhat underdeveloped as a whole.

The Bascho pin is traditionally golden, worked into the form of a wheel of eight spokes. The formal house heraldry depicts the same wheel laid on a purple field, surrounded by four blazing torches. Formal Bascho robes are lavish, beautiful garments in sumptuous reds, purples, yellows and golds. Of course, just as often the scions of the House might be found in tarred, stained and burnt work clothes and leather aprons. The Bascho do clean up well, but first one must convince them they should be bothered to do so.

High-ranking Bascho wizards often have vat-grown homunculi or creatures of clockwork for familiars. The House motto is “Magisera Andurum, Magisera Exalatum” — “Master the Low, Master the High.”

The Bascho household makes its residence in Spardis, capital of Verann, where it has access to the rich mineral resources of the principality.

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House Bascho

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