House Dusaam

House Dusaam was the last Sorcerous House to formally unite at the Year of Fire’s end. Alaphasir Dusaam was a Khavayish wizard who left his home country for Rasenna after an unfortunate dispute with his former amir. Ever a solitary man by nature, he disliked the idea of binding himself to an entire House of adepts, apprentices, scholars and staff — but he was also a responsible man by nature, and eventually conceded. Dusaam was a sha’ir, of the Khavayish tradition of elementalism and genie magic. His teachings — and those of the mages that gathered to him — focus largely on summoning and high elementalism.

The Dusaam pin is a simple square, set on its corner, within a circle, fashioned in a variety of metals (though gold is popular); potent adepts frequently set gems of various sorts within the pin, which are said to be prisons for spirit servants or other forces. The formal crest elaborates on both geometric forms, somewhat resembling a cross between a compass and a summoning circle, with iconic depictions of the four elements at each cardinal point. The Dusaam typically wear colors associated with the elements as well: rich shades of red, blue, green and brown are most common. Dusaam’s wizards associate with familiars that are often conjured from other planes of existence entirely, small elemental spirits or even gens. The house motto is “Calra Tuvos, Incavra Fordaras” — “A Clear Voice, An Enlightened Will.”

The Dusaam estate resides near the eastern border of Forspada, in the small port town of Fifthwind. There they have repurposed an old quarry by the town into a warren of small excavations, where the House conjurers can practice their summonings and elemental magic without endangering the rest of the settlement.

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House Dusaam

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