House Tyliel

The Tyliel house concerns itself primarily with metamorphosis and enchantment, binding these two schools together in the pursuit of a greater “lunar magic.” The Tyliel are what the average Rasennan means when he says “witches.” This stereotype is reinforced by the higher percentage of women within the house. Dame Tyliel was a remarkable woman, and to this day her name is synonymous with beauty and elegance; she abstained from involving herself in the Year of Fire, finding the proceedings boorish and brutal. The witches and warlocks who bear her name are expected to comport themselves with similar grace. Other Rasennans regard the Tyliel with a mixture of fascination and dread — it’s said they’re some of the fairest and most passionate lovers, but also that they are jealous, even malicious toward those who fail to please them. For their part, the Tyliel largely conduct their personal affairs with such discretion that their air of mystery and threat is difficult to pierce.

Tyliel witches tend to wear owl feathers as a mark of their house membership, and their familiars are usually either “witch’s animals” (cats, owls and the like) or strange homunculi. The house’s crest depicts an owl’s head and wings sheltering a crescent moon. When worn as a pin, the crest is worked in silver; when painted, the owl and moon are usually shown as silver, cream or white on a purple field. Tyliel witches don’t affect formal house colors. Individuals frequently prefer jewel tones, in rich amethyst, ruby, sapphire and emerald hues, counterbalanced by black, grey or white to varying degree. Their house motto is “Tera Panumni, Panumnira Te” — “I Am All Things and All Things Are Me.”

House Tyliel has its seat in a rural manor in the Strechone countryside, surrounded on all sides by miles of marsh, woods, farmlands and hills.

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House Tyliel

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