Player Goals

A page where I encourage everyone to elaborate on their goals as players: you may list stuff that is both in-character and stuff you want to do but that your character doesn’t know about yet. This may include mechanics like eventual paragon paths you aspire to, social connections, all kinds of whatnot. Please feel free to edit the list of goals for your character! Otherwise I will just ask you in person and apply my own clumsy wording.

Opilio of Chapelwood

Paragon Path: Emerald Guardian (Primal Power).
Build up his lands; pay off debt incurred doing so.
Assist the temple of Chaneth with getting up and running in whatever way they may need.
(Downtime) Continue Ambira’s education in combat. (He’s seen the danger that comes just of being part of the Great Houses, and since she’s going to be a Tyliel soon…)
(Downtime) Find a way to get Alesci to love the land he and Ambira will be one day inheriting.

Ettorio Iluni

Prepare for marriage.
Evolve into assassin dual-class or take on more assassin-y things.

Vesper Sespech

Oppose the rise of Miriadis as a Great House.
Become a contender for House Sespech’s next Grandmother.
(Downtime) Break the Vycalaca curse on the former Vargari holdings so that the current Vargari can reclaim them if they choose.
(Downtime) Help Vargari win Prince Lazzaretta’s favor.

Carenza Vega of Rovino

Expand her mercenary company.

Player Goals

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