The heart of Raggavante is Redoris, called alternately the City of Freedoms and the City of Sins. This ramshackle city sits amid the coastal marshes, many of its buildings on stilts to avoid the occasional flood. The prince’s court is based here in a grandiose and peculiar stone palace that, some say, was originally crafted by inhuman hands. Prince Olidian, called “the Lucky,” claims to have made his fortune with a fortunate discovery of wealth in one of the many swamp-flooded ruins, either left there by long-dead ancients or by successful thieves.


Northhigh: The northern swampy bank.

Orhill: A drier rise, occupied by wealthier residents.

Bask: A mangrove-thick district, home to Redoris’ small population of lizardmen.

Roarbridge: Notable for its temple to Qullon.

Grand Quay: A large stone island, being expanded.

Rivermouth: An older district to the west.

The Shoals: A sprawling district with many docks.

The Seeps: Shanties and slums.

Breaker Wall: A lightly populated defensive section.

Southrise: The swampy southern bank.

Inns and Taverns:

The Wayward Wench, a Shoals tavern that emphasizes its attractive tavern servers (of both genders).

Rumors and Intrigues Uncovered:

  • A few shipbuilders are starting a covert conflict over ship contracts.
  • The Qullost priests are predicting a great storm soon.
  • Some troublemakers are causing issues in vice dens, and it’s stirring up the locals.
  • A Tyliel potion-maker was robbed, and a number of potions of unknown qualities are now loose on the streets.
  • The Six Rings, a slaver organization, is attempting to make inroads with local organized crime.
  • House Levatis has been hit hard by corsairs, and rivals have no doubt noticed its faltering.


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