This is a world of many gods. Many gods. More than you might like to keep track of, but let’s keep things simple for now.

There are racial pantheons in the world, but generally they all worship facets of two specific pantheons, what some could call the Celestial Gods and the Elemental Gods. The Celestial Gods are a group of essentially “astral” gods, worshipped by humans and elves among others. The Elemental Gods are more primordial, though civilized for all that; they’re acknowledged by dwarves and drakha among others. And of course there are religions not based on the gods: the primal animism practiced by gnolls among others, veneration of demons, and so on.

Short version, if you are interested in names to throw out during times of stress or even in religion, ask me for the quick and direct customer service.

If you don’t mind doing some reading, here are some overviews:


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