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Internal Threats

Rasenna has plenty of troubles within its borders. House Grandparents and princes are capable of shedding much blood over a vendetta, be it a covert rivalry where duels are fought in alleys by night or open war between principalities. At present, the princes are at peace, but everyone knows that could change with enough provocation.

The cities are cauldrons of intrigue. Though the Houses are nominally under the rule of the prince, in reality many princes are weaker than the heads of the Houses that reside in their lands. The more powerful the House, the more reason it has to believe that gold can excuse anything. While some of the Houses behave essentially like organized crime families, more “authentic” organized crime also has its roots in the cities. A pair of assassins’ guilds are known to ply their trade in Rasenna, and of course there are likely many unaffiliated murderers-for-hire. And the nation has always had recurring troubles with infernalism.

Rasenna’s rural portion also plays host to intrigue and vendetta, though with the sparser population, bloody grudges tend to be fewer in number but longer in duration. Sections of the countryside are also populated by uninvited creatures — the fata, or fey, hold sway over certain forests and caverns, and various breeds of goblin burrow their way to the surface in Rasenna as they do elsewhere. It’s said that the great dragon Mercurius lies sleeping somewhere in the untilled earth, and none are eager to wake her.

External Threats

Sea trouble from the corsairs of Scarpedra. Potential border threats from places such as Lamosca. The Widdermarches. Serugethi Reavers. The Serpent Kin.


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