Midnight Age: Dates unknown Prehistory. Dragons.

Twilight Age: ??? – -1800 CE? Begins at the founding of the first city. Sorcerer-kings, barbarians, the worlds overlapping. Humans, dwarves and halflings.

c. -1800 CE: Estimated time of the Godswar.

Morning Age: c. -1800 CE – -300 CE An age of uplifting. Civilizations rising under the new pantheons. Arrival of elves, drakha, goblins and orcs. Time of the Uromni, among others.

c. -300 CE – 0 CE: A period of barbarism following the end of the Morning Age.

0 CE: Referred to by scholars as the Year of Portent.

1 CE: Beginning of the Imperial Age, or Age of Days. Marked locally by the rise and expansion of the Dysian Empire.

c. 900 CE: Decline and disappearance of the Dys.

900-1000 CE: Immigrants from neighboring nations gradually reclaim the land. Many settlements spring up in abandoned Dysian cities. Elves settle in areas around the Saan.

c. 1100-1300 CE: The Anointed Dynasty; reign of three theocratic city-states. Elven population diminishes as many leave.

1304 CE: End of the Anointed Dynasty. Beginning of a period of feuding between city-states that rise and fall.

1730 CE: First Prince of Raspian arises, makes peace with neighboring city-states.

1730-1750 CE: Princes arise in other city-states. Beginning of Rasenna as a nation.

1830s CE: Plagues in Idyss drive many refugees into Rasenna, sparking outbreaks of pestilence, civil wars and inquisitions.

2468 CE: The Year of Fire. Open war between the wizards, sorcerers and arcane adepts of the land.

2469 CE: The end of the Year of Fire. Founding of the Sorcerous Houses.

2607 CE: Fall of the principality of Lamosca.

2720 CE: Present day.


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