Summer in Rasenna is hot, mitigated somewhat by the breezes that uncoil off the Saanwater and pass through the cities, and alleviated by shade and cold streams in the countryside. Things become almost lazy when it’s at its hottest, with only the most industrious toiling in shipyards and fields for the promise of a few extra coins. But even during the most sluggish heat of the day, the appearance of idleness is an illusion. Crafters devise fine new wares in cool basements. Merchants are all business as they discuss their grand enterprises over leisurely luncheons. Intrigues still spin in the shade. And as they say across the country, “the coin always rolls.”

And at night — a Rasennan summer night unfolds like a starviolet. The intrigue-spinners pull their strings tightly, and listen to the chimes. Audacious young men and women flaunt their elders with terribly inadvisable liaisons. House rivalries flex and mutter, and it’s all too easy for a dagger or sword to come unsheathed on a hot evening. Lights flare in the windows of the Sorcerous Houses; things are summoned that will not come by day. And the coin always rolls.

The Rasennan summer has become a proverb in the lands around the Saan. It means work in a time set aside for idleness, intrigues in nights too short to conceal them properly. It means a false idyll, and of course it says something about the character of the Rasennans.

This is Rasenna. And summer is just beginning.

Rasennan Summer

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