Rasennan Summer

22.1 - Interlude

Rest and reward, well-earned.

“It’s tainted coin.”
“All of it? All this unmarked gold?” — Vesper Sespech & Carenza Vega

Before they leave Blackharvest Chapel, the four carefully investigate for further things of interest, and prepare a pyre for the many bodies. The coffer turns out to contain over 1200 reganti, likely payments for “services rendered.” Copious amounts of silver, copper and even some electrum custodi round out the wealth, along with a pair of large, impressive pieces of amber. Intriguingly, one of the rust-wights was also wearing a torc of adamantine and iron decorated with wolf heads, that Vesper recognizes as an item of some power. They leave the Scarhawk equipment and Phouthite trappings alone (what they don’t burn), but Biliostrix’s scythe is packed carefully away. After some discussion, the group resolves to take the scythe to Canteria’s temple to Chaneth. There they also plan to donate half the reganti and the rest of the coin to the cause of having a priest sent to reconsecrate the chapel.

They return to Borsari’s mansion very late at night. Borsari greets them all, sends servants to help them wash up (and burn any potentially infected garments), and informs them that an agent of Prince Temagli has arrived to speak with them. The group gratefully cleans up, has their wounds treated, and falls asleep.

Over a lunch that doubles as their breakfast the next day, the four meet Seretta, the Prince’s agent. Borsari thanks them all profusely, and declares that he intends to pass Potifol’s inherited lands on to Opilio for all his assistance. Seretta agrees to oversee the process, and listens intently to their description of what they found in Blackharvest Chapel. She informs them as well that Prince Temagli would be interested in receiving them when they next come to Canteria.

The group then takes a little more time to prepare for their departure for Canteria — with Opilio’s daughter Ambira, as the former peasant is now quite concerned with seeing her married well. Ettorio asks Andelac Borsari for a testimonial to the Iluni’s character, which Borsari happily agrees to provide (so long as Ettorio continues to avoid the increasingly ardent Ivella’s attention).



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