Prince Cortifo

The elegantly shrewd Prince of Raspian.


Prince Cortifo appears at first glance to be harmless: he cares a great deal for current fashion, he insists on being impeccably groomed at all times, and he smiles and jests quite often. But further study reveals that his little mannerisms are somewhat catlike — and like a cat, he may be concealing sharp talons under velvet gloves. He is somewhere in his early 40s, still somewhat athletic if not to the level of a hardened swordsman. He is given to wearing cosmetics.


Cortifo came to the station of Prince already well-prepared for its intrigues. He served as chancellor to the former Prince Margaria of Raspian, and was indispensable to her during her reign. When she decided to retire to the Calveran countryside, she threw her support behind Cortifo as her replacement. With her backing and the network of allies he’d assembled independently, Cortifo managed to claim the title of Prince.

It’s said that a prince must choose between the populace and the Great Houses: one to love him, the other to fear him. Cortifo erodes those boundaries. He has proven to be a benevolent prince, but levies harsh punishments on citizens who disturb his peace. He has demonstrated his strength and cunning to the Great Houses time and again, but prefers to try polite diplomacy first and veiled threats second. He also isn’t afraid to openly woo other princes as friends, and has secured a few allies in other principalities (such as Prince Alviarra of Forspada and Prince Olidian of Raggavante). Though he has caused little disruption since taking his post, Cortifo cannot help but unnerve those savvy enough to recognize the shrewd political games he plays. Some say that Raspian has the prince it deserves.

Prince Cortifo

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