Prince Lazzaretta

The aged and secretive Prince of Maviolo.


Prince Lazzaretta is somewhere in her eighties, but still possessed of energy and wit. She has grown lean with the years, and her bout with illness left her with a pallor that has lingered. She dresses in the dark colors common to Maviolo fashion, with only a few bits of colorful jewelry to offset her conservative demeanor.


The Prince of Maviolo is the longest-reigning prince in Rasenna. Lazzaretta ascended to her post while in her forties, and has governed for a further forty years since. One doesn’t achieve such longevity in the office as a radical reformer or a cruel tyrant, and Lazzaretta has been neither. She instead has favored policies of measured sensibility, and prefers to keep Maviolo quiet rather than to shape it to her liking.

Her governance would seem unremarkable for reasons other than its length, if not for a peculiar incident five years back. The Prince took gravely ill, and reports as to the nature of her sickness were conflicting. Grandfather Sadavari Sespech visited her during this time, and effected a cure of some sort. Rumors have it that Lazzaretta actually died, and that she was pulled back from the Underworld by the Sespech Grandfather’s power. To this day many whisper that the Prince is some form of revenant or vampire. Prince Lazzaretta scoffs at these rumors, but does not go too far out of her way to disprove them. Whether this is because she finds the dread a useful tool, or because they are actually true, it’s hard to say. Certainly she has maintained an ongoing friendship with Sadavari Sespech since that day. Some critics claim that she is losing her neutrality where House Sespech is concerned, and House favoritism has often been the first sign that a Prince is no longer fit to rule.

The conflicts at Prince Lazzaretta’s court largely come from the conflict between the Maviolan tradition of leaving well enough alone and the demands for a more proactive approach to governance. Her most trusted courtier is Captain Argonest, a silver-clad spartoi who has served each Prince of Maviolo faithfully and impartially for nearly a hundred years. Her strategist, Nisca Forloni, is a sardonic wit and published author; his wife Vonetta oversees the Ladonan treasury. The arcane advisor to the Prince is the distinctly non-Sespech dwarf, Halthron Stonefoot, who is often on leaves of absence but quite well-versed in the lore of curses. The ritualist Odrianna advises Prince Lazzaretta on religious and metaphysical affairs; Odrianna is the center of some gossip, as one might expect of a still-youthful woman who has been widowed three times. Finally, Lazzaretta is attended regularly by Doctor Amin Reclustes, a physician who learned his trade south of the Jadesa.

Prince Lazzaretta

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