Rasennan Summer

Epilogue: Carenza Vega

Carenza’s ambitions carry her through another few years touring with the Firebird Company, working mostly to extinguish fires of dissent… for pay, of course. Her group formally breaks with the Ladies in Waiting, and Carenza arranges for a payout — and a few choice accidents for the Ladies’ local rivals — to ensure there’s no hard feelings between the Duchess and her crew.

Eventually she chooses to get out of the mercenary life. She leaves the Firebirds in Dua’s care and decides to explore her odds at becoming a player in House Rovino. Rather than pursue her own elevation or take over the Ladona branch, she chooses to settle in Cinquedea. Her magnetic charisma and head for impromptu strategy become invaluable assets, especially when tempered by Rasselo’s common sense. She becomes his captain and right hand, balanced by Bessari’s clever administrative skills on his left. Much to her distant cousin’s surprise, it is largely by Carenza’s drive that Rasselo becomes House Grandfather to the Rovino.

Though House Rovino never entirely sheds its penchant for macho belligerence, it becomes a tamer and shrewder organization in the years to come. It also enjoys an uptick in prosperity, particularly before rival Houses learn they need to take the Rovino a little more seriously. Carenza goes back and forth on whether or not she enjoys respectability and all that comes with it, but she keeps her portion of the House with sharp discipline for a good long time.



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