Rasennan Summer

Epilogue: Robarto Donaudi

The Bascho alchemist travels far and wide across the nation, preferring to remain unconnected with the Potifol Whiteknees incident. He is eventually contacted by Miriadis headhunters, who invite him to sign on with their burgeoning House with the promise of greater status. Robarto accepts the offer, moving into the small chapterhouse the Miriadis had established in Carcador.

Three months later, the Carcador chapterhouse burns to the ground. An investigation reveals no corpses in the wreckage. Donaudi is not sighted in the principality again. One rumor places him sailing south to the Khavayish deserts, where “accidents” are less likely to ignite the local sand and stone.


BRB LOLing forever

Epilogue: Robarto Donaudi

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