Cadmiro's Guest List

Cadmiro Zarocci, host. Vycalaca in hiding.
- Zelt, bodyguard
- Harutio, hanger-on

Larettio D’Oscura, wounded blade”. Presumably Ludovir Vycalaca.
- “Lachrysia, rescued slave and ward to Larettio”. Presumably Lestrata Vycalaca.
- “Mianta,” Larettio’s +2. Presumably young lady picked up for vampire rake purposes.
- “Cebri,” Larettio’s +3. As above.

Capt. Occorro Drakeshand of the Firedrakes. Member of the Salon of Enigmas.
- Unspecified +1

Grunestia Miriadis, visitor. Topaz Seat holder. Ex-Bascho noble alchemist.
- Unspecified +1
- Fabria, apprentice. Also ex-Bascho.

Patrios Divaldi, confessor to Prince Gorsino. (Patrios is a title, not his first name.)
- Nania Divaldi, daughter

Gaudagrim Heavyhand, dwarven merchant. Unaffiliated.
- Skalva, wife

Tilanna Nemedian, merchant. Of unrevealed influence within her House.
- Bosocue Nemedian, husband.

Donatessa Miraglia, opera singer.
- Unspecified +1

Velanter Carfineri, dashing young aristocrat blade. Unaffiliated.

Cadmiro's Guest List

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