(rhymes with “sierra”)

The rolling hills of Calvera boast a peaceable rustic population. The province produces many agrarian goods, but makes the majority of its money off two quality products — wine and horses. Even the most snobbish of urbanites, the most inclined to look down his nose at “provincials,” is likely to favor a good Calveran red with dinner and would prefer a Calveran steed when riding out.

The Calveran “provincial character” is as agreeably rustic as the terrain. Calverans favor simpler cuisine and prefer wine to liquors or spirits. Athletic pursuits are a popular draw, and festivals usually feature wrestling matches, footraces, horse-races, and a scrum of youths (or, for that matter, burly older men) fighting over a leather ball. Calverans do share the common Rasennan tendency toward fierce family loyalty and short tempers, but a grudge in the countryside is usually settled by a good thrashing with sticks instead of sharpened blades.

While mostly a peaceful principality, Calvera does have its dangers, like anywhere else on the continent. Banditry is a common problem, particularly when locals with more muscle and temper than civic-mindedness decide that the traders passing through the province make a fairly acceptable target. With none of the Sorcerous Houses in strong residence, houseless arcanists drift into Calvera now and again, sometimes to make trouble. Idle mercenaries can prove a similar problem, tempted by the more peaceful reputation of the province. Goblins may creep out of the thicker woods, and sometimes there’s trouble with truly wild things, such as ankhegs, drakes or manticores.

The capital of Calvera is Canteria, seat of Prince Temagli. Canteria is a sprawling city, sun-drenched for most of the year. It is home to some of the rowdiest festivals in the nation, where athletes bloody and break themselves in order to take home the golden laurels. Even when the festivals are gone, if you know the right people you can enjoy a brutal bit of spectacle any time of the year.


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