Clyressa's Ledger

Numerous transactions, most seemingly harmless.

Alchemical: traffic in some narcotics, contraceptives, aphrodisiacs

Renting: Rooms (especially in the lower “Hells”), sometimes by the night, in rare cases by the week

Apples: The annotation discovered tracks several transactions, many of which are confirmed by Ettorio’s rumor-gathering. 30 were purchased last fall.

- 3 to Captain Velistir
- 4 to a Chelindran merchant by name of Sacrador
- 3 to Calcarro, the Phouthite ascetic
- 1 delegated to poison Eglantina at the Gilded Iris
- 1 to the priest Ortifo of the Higher Nine
- 1 to Paretta Avicca, whose husband was found with his mistress, both dead
- 1 to the duelist Palisax Redhand, who lost a relative
- 1 to Lossifo Bandicca, rival to the deceased curio merchant Aripo Finefinger
- 1 to Gocho Pulsciri, who seems to have poisoned a bard courting his daughter
- 5 for the “Discreet Brethren”

The remaining 9 are unaccounted for, and presumed still in Clyressa’s possession.

Clyressa's Ledger

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