Garganta Rumors

Rumors found on the Third Summer, during the vampire-hunting visit to Garganta.

Common, Easy-to-Find Rumors:

- In the poorer parts of town, there are good prizes for illegal pit fights. (VS)
- The Prince is putting together a convict legion from hardened prisoners. (all)
- Bastinea and Duatine are conspiring against Brassado. (all)
- Duatine is sheltering criminals (EI)
- The Miriadis are seeking princely support; Rofogarre Miriadis is his guest. (VS, VM)
- The Prince’s son may have arcane talent of his own. (VS, EI, VM)
- Gorsino is unhappy with his statue on the Prince’s Mount. (VM)
- There are a number of Torccerna treasures on the market, sold perhaps by Vargari? (EI)
- The Rovinos are very aggressive about selling arms. (EI, CV)
- A priest of Valysa was recently disgraced by a sex scandal. (EI, VM)

Uncommon Rumors

- Infernalists have infiltrated the Bastinea court. (VM, VS)
- Gorsino’s arcane advisor Azilro is not very good at his job. (VS)
- A former court arcanist has been accused of treason. (VM, EI)
- The merchant Cadmiro Zarocci’s son and daughter were murdered in Maviolo. (EI, VM)
- The Miriadis are courting goodwill among the minstrels. (VM)
- A brisk trade in corpse-smuggling has a patron at court. (EI)
- The master engineer Rabuza has gone missing. (EI)

Rarest of Rumors

- The prince is secretly commissioning a grand brass bull to be built. (VM)
- The prince’s newest captain is a Houseless sorcerer of some sort (EI, VM)
- A general in the Duatine troops is secretly on very good terms with Gorsino’s wife. (EI)
- Helsperia Dassant has placed several spies in Bastinea. (EI)

Garganta Rumors

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