Hothos, the Hooded, is the god of deception, fear, darkness and nightmare. Perhaps the most cunning of all the gods, his intrigues reach far and touch all. Many people have heard tales of his dark-cloaked priests, but few have actually seen Hothossan clergy in the garments of their faith — the Hooded One’s priests keep to themselves.

Many Rasennans acknowledge Hothos in his aspect as god of deception and intrigue. He is seen as a webspinner and puppet-master, a source of cunning and treachery. Few want to be seen as paying him more than the most token of appeasements — devout attention to the Hooded God is a clear indicator that someone has many plots to look after. He is less popular in his aspect as lord of nightmares and darkness. The Rasennan character idolizes bravery and pragmatism, and dreads any force that could tear away strength and replace it with crippling fear.

Hothos takes many forms, but the most common is a form shrouded in dark robes, with a hood filled with blackness. His symbol is an inverted black teardrop, symbolizing the emptiness within his hood.

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