The Coiling Dragon, Ladona, was long ago a major population center for the fallen Dysian Empire. The populace there took the dragon as their emblem or totem, and much of the statuary and reliefs that remain depict coiled or snarling draconic figures. It was built upon during the early days of the feuding Rasennan states, and gradually expanded as the seat of the principality of Maviolo. As such, it is a mix of ancient and modern architecture. It is notable for its pale stone towers and statues, interspersed with small parks dominated by ancient, gnarled trees, and undercut with a labyrinthine honeycomb of old ruined levels and sewers.

Ladona sits on no major waterways, but is partly surrounded by a small lake, or very large partial moat, seemingly created by the Dys. The north and west sides of the hill upon which Ladona sits project out over the water. The lake is somewhat polluted, though the city’s waste is partly held in check by large, ugly, filth-eating catfish; these “dragon cats” become very sizable, and are a difficult catch, but surprisingly tasty given their disreputable diet.

The locals have adopted the Dysian draconic motif for their own. The guards are notable for red and white livery, helms with a distinctive fanged visor, and faintly scythe-like hooked polearms called “dragon’s teeth.”


The Colonnade: The main market area of the city west of the central hill.

Empire Hill: The acropolis at the center of Ladona, overlooking the water. Home to some of the most ancient structures, including the Prince’s palace and several notable temples. A wealthy quarter, with expensive houses along the road that winds up the south-to-west portion of the hill. The famous Theatre Penumbral is found in this district.

The Tumbles: The northeastern portion of the city, somewhat more low-rent and disreputable.

Smoke Blocks: The southern portion of the city, home to crafters and military.

Farhaunts: Not quite linked to the rest of the city, this is the borough that sprawls across the eastern side of the water. The only still-standing bridge across the water extends from Empire Hill to Farhaunts. Sparsely populated, and home to many people who cannot afford or will not stand to live in the city proper.


The Theatre Penumbral is famous even outside Maviolo’s borders. Built from a refurbished Dysian theater, it is notorious for the haunting special effects and acoustics that enhance performances given there. As expected for a Ladonan establishment of its pedigree, it is rumored to be quite haunted.

Notable Inns and Taverns

The Wingless Wyvern, an upscale Empire Hill establishment where Ladona’s fashionable go to socialize and drink.

The Pale Maiden, a quiet and respectable Colonnade inn.

The Cranequin, a Smoke Blocks tavern popular with hunters and bowyers.

The Head on a Hook, a Smoke Blocks dive near the Cranequin.

The Shredded Eel, a violent lakeside tavern built on a quay.

The Water Lily, a brothel built into an old Dysian ruin near the lake.


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