Namaluk’s every aspect is cold: she is the goddess of winter and ice, she is the patron deity of the undead, and she claims sovereignty over the sphere of vengeance. When an unquiet corpse rises from its grave to vent its wrath on those who wronged it in life, it does so with Namaluk’s blessing. Of the Lower Nine, she is one of the most hostile toward life itself, but like all gods she will favor mortals who exemplify her ideals. In Rasenna, she is the patron goddess of vendetta. Those with an undying grudge will typically set up concealed (or in cases of extreme hatred, overt) shrines containing small icons fashioned of bone. She is also seen as a patron of necromancers, and the mages of House Sespech pay her careful veneration, even if they must oppose the angry dead she loves.

Namaluk’s symbol is often a stylized portrait of a woman, half living flesh and half naked skull, or a skeletal hand clutching an dagger made of ice or an icicle. Her favored animals are winter wolves and white crows, and her favored plant is the ivoryllis. Objects sacred to the goddess are frequently made from bone, lead or silver, and unmelting ice is particularly prized. Her colors are blue and bone-white, and her gems are sapphires and lapis lazuli.

In Rasenna, the favored depiction of Namaluk is the common image of a lovely young woman whose left side is fleshless and skeletal. While more somber representations of the goddess typically show her in austere hooded robes, she is frequently depicted in lavish gowns of blue and white, sometimes holding a smiling mask. She’s also been said to appear as a face in the center of a howling whirlwind of snow or as a whirling mobile of saw-edged ice wheels like colossal snowflakes. Parables paint her as a particularly bitter and unforgiving goddess, though some go to lengths to emphasize wrongs she has suffered by way of explanation for her frozen and vengeful heart. Sudden snaps of bitter cold, ghostly apparitions, patches of unmelting ice and skeletons discovered in unusual positions are all potential omens of the Lich Queen.

In more northerly cultures, Namaluk is often invoked in her seasonal aspect, placated so that she might send a mercifully mild winter. In Rasenna, she has more popularity as goddess of vengeance. If justice cannot be had, then perhaps the Avenger will grant retribution. Most Rasennan cities have a small shrine to Namaluk where hooded and masked petitioners may pray for vengeance in anonymity. She is also rightly feared as patroness of the undead; open and unabashed worship of Namaluk is said to draw the attention of the unliving, and is therefore highly frowned upon. Everyone prays to Namaluk sooner or later, or so it’s assumed. But even in Rasenna, few ever want to meet her secret priests, those so consumed with retribution and spite that they give the Lich Queen their entire lives… and what comes after.

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