The Kingdom of Paelis is a hereditary monarchy that rests on the banks of the Saanwater, in a hilly region that has proven easy to defend against invading armies. Paelites have a reputation for being traditionalist and concerned with complicated standards of honor; their knights and nobles are the pride of the nation, or so they claim.

The present monarch, King Enceiron IV, is lightly infamous for his gentle (and some say erratic) hand on the reins of power; the young king does not intervene in the affairs of the aristocracy often. Much of the day-to-day work of the government is overseen by the Royal Ministers, and the noble warlords of the realm see to the military side of things.

Paelis is a respectable power among the nations of the Saanwater, with only Rasenna directly superior in terms of influence. Although the White Crown commands little fealty outside the Paelish borders, the country still maintains a proud warrior tradition, and the Paelite knights are not so easily dismissed. In particular, the Knights Luniel, guard to the King, are nearly matchless warriors. The Paelish heraldry consists of a white crown above three crossed white swords, the hilts surrounded by luniel vines with white flowers, all on a deep blue field.

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